How AFC Bournemouth Utilised V1CE's CRM To Ensure Brand Consistency

How AFC Bournemouth Utilised V1CE's CRM To Ensure Brand Consistency

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AFC Bournemouth, a prestigious name in the English Premier League, is no stranger to the importance of strategy and coordination. Their collaboration with V1CE is a testament to their forward-thinking approach, not just on the football field but in their business interactions as well. The centralized management feature of V1CE has proven invaluable, especially for an organization of their stature.


The Networking Quandary

Rob Mitchell, the Commercial Director at AFC Bournemouth, shed light on the club's previous networking challenges. The environmental concerns and logistical issues of managing countless business cards for the club's expansive staff roster were becoming increasingly evident. There was a pressing need for a solution that was both sustainable and streamlined.


V1CE: The Future of Networking

V1CE emerged as the ideal solution. With its sleek, branded card, AFC Bournemouth could effortlessly share contact details at networking events, instantly uploading them onto recipients' mobile devices. This innovative approach not only minimized environmental impact but also elevated the club's networking game.

The Power of Centralised Management

The centralized control system of V1CE is where the true magic lies, especially for large organizations. Here's a deeper dive into its benefits:

  1. Consistency Across the Board: With a single point of control, there's no room for discrepancies. Every card, irrespective of the staff member, carries consistent, up-to-date information. This ensures that the brand image remains unified and professional at all times.

  2. Efficiency in Management: For expansive organizations, managing individual cards can be a logistical nightmare. Centralized management simplifies this process, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring that updates are swift and hassle-free.

  3. Cost-Effective: Traditional business cards, especially for large teams, can be costly, not just in terms of printing but also in updating and redistributing them. With V1CE, these costs are significantly reduced, as updates can be made digitally without the need for reprinting.

  4. Enhanced Security: Centralised control also means that if a staff member leaves or changes roles, their details can be updated or removed instantly, ensuring that only current and relevant information is in circulation.


"The ease with which we can manage and update details using V1CE's centralised system has been a revelation. It aligns perfectly with our club's ethos of efficiency and innovation." - Rob Mitchell, Commercial Director.


AFC Bournemouth's partnership with V1CE isn't just about solving a networking challenge; it's a reflection of their commitment to innovation and efficiency. By harnessing the power of centralised management, they've set a gold standard in networking, offering valuable insights for other expansive organizations to emulate.

In Rob's words, "V1CE has redefined how we network and interact. Its centralized system is a game-changer, ensuring we always put our best foot forward, both on and off the pitch."



sue altass

Can we have our picture put onto the card ?

Can we have our picture put onto the card ?

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Would like more info

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