How Dillards Utilises V1CE To Manage Their Mammoth 700+  Associate Workforce.

How Dillards Utilizes V1CE To Manage Their Mammoth 700+ Associate Workforce.

We are so pleased to have formed a long-standing partnership with Dillard’s, who have recently distributed V1CE cards to over 700 associates from an initial trial of two senior managers.

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Dillard's and V1CE: A Fashionable Upgrade in Business Communication

Say hello to Dillard's, one of America's favorite fashion destinations. With a vast lineup of designer brands and unmatched customer service, they've made a special place in a lot of people's hearts. But did you know they are home to over 700 associates spread across hundreds of locations? That's quite a family!


Taming the Wild World of Business Cards

The traditional way - with physical business cards - can often feel like trying to arrange every leaf in a forest. It's not just about having the right information on each card; it's about getting those cards into the right hands. The cards need to be distributed to employees, stored properly, and carried around for handing out at the right moment.

But the challenges don't stop there. In a dynamic environment like Dillard's, change is a constant. Employees might shift roles, new team members could join, or some might decide to venture new paths. Each of these instances demands a complete refresh of the business cards in circulation. Even with a well-oiled system in place, errors can creep in.

All these issues make managing traditional business cards a daunting task, especially for a company the size of Dillard's. This was the massive challenge they were facing, and they needed a solution that could simplify this complex process without compromising the accuracy and efficiency of their communication.

V1CE to the Rescue: Digital Business Cards

Enter V1CE, the caped crusader for all your business networking woes. V1CE stepped in with a remarkable digital solution that transformed Dillard's traditional approach to business cards. Swapping Dillard's mountain of physical cards for sleek, efficient digital ones, V1CE ushered the fashion retailer into a new era of networking.

With V1CE, updating and sharing professional contact details became as simple as a click or a tap. No more typos, no more outdated cards, and definitely no more stacks of cards to lug around. And the best part? These changes could be made in real-time. No more waiting for the printer or the mail. The moment a change was made, everyone on the team had access to the updated information.

This seamless switch to digital cards was more than just a convenience; it was a game-changer. It saved countless hours and resources that were once spent designing, printing, storing, and distributing physical cards. It eliminated the risk of human error, ensuring that every card was accurate, up-to-date, and professional.

More importantly, V1CE's digital cards were in line with Dillard's reputation for style and sophistication. Just as Dillard's promises a unique, high-quality shopping experience to its customers, V1CE digital business cards extended the same commitment to quality and professionalism.


Bulk Edit Feature: The New Superpower

To level up its game, V1CE introduced the bulk edit feature, giving Dillard's an extra edge in managing their digital business cards. This tool was a solution to an underlying problem in large corporations like Dillard's - updating data individually for every employee.

Before, if a company-wide change occurred - like a change in address, or a new social media handle - it would mean updating every single card one by one. This was time-consuming and left room for inconsistencies. However, V1CE's bulk edit feature changed the game, turning a cumbersome task into a quick, simple process.

Conclusion: A Winning Verdict from the Team at Dillards

So, there you have it! Dillard's successful integration of V1CE's digital platform and the new bulk edit feature highlight the transformative potential of embracing digital solutions in large-scale corporations. District Manager Greg Ostberg couldn't agree more. In his words,


"People still matter, relationships still matter. An algorithm can't do what this card can do."

Assistant District Manager Chris Sargeant, shared the excitement, calling the V1CE card rollout a 'game changer.'

Dillard's partnership with V1CE isn't just a tech upgrade; it's a leap into a future where business communication is simple, accurate, and stylish. Their success story is a roadmap for all corporations ready to take the digital plunge in professional networking and customer relations. Cheers to that!

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