Acre Creates a V1CE Social Builder Profile To Share Pitch Decks With Clients

Acre Creates a V1CE Social Builder Profile To Share Pitch Decks With Clients

Acre, a company deeply rooted in sustainable business practices, has always been at the forefront of innovation, especially when it aligns with their core values. Their collaboration with V1CE, as detailed by Hollie Hodgson, Marketing Executive at Acre, showcases how modern technology can elevate traditional business practices, offering a more efficient and sustainable approach.


The Social Profile: A Game-Changer for Acre

The social profile feature of V1CE emerged as a pivotal tool for Acre. This feature, which allows users to integrate vital information such as LinkedIn profiles, contact details, and even pitch decks, proved invaluable for Acre's operations. For a recruitment and search company, the ability to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their professional persona with just a tap is revolutionary.

The real-time updating capability of the social profile ensures that Acre's consultants always present the most recent and relevant information. This dynamic feature eliminates the challenges posed by traditional business cards, where outdated information remains static and can't be rectified immediately.

Moreover, the social profile serves as a holistic digital portfolio. Instead of just sharing contact details, Acre's consultants can now provide potential clients and partners with a broader view of their professional journey, expertise, and the value they bring. This not only facilitates more meaningful connections but also positions Acre's consultants as tech-forward and adaptable professionals in the industry.

Furthermore, the integration of pitch decks into the social profile means that Acre can seamlessly share their value proposition, past successes, and future vision with potential clients. This feature has transformed networking from a mere exchange of contact details to a comprehensive introduction of Acre's offerings and capabilities.

Feedback and Future Plans

The response to V1CE's social profile within Acre has been overwhelmingly positive. Consultants found it to be a powerful tool in their networking arsenal, with clients appreciating the depth of information available at their fingertips. While there was an initial adjustment period for some, the overall feedback emphasized the efficiency, novelty, and comprehensive nature of the social profile.

"The V1CE social profile has been a game-changer for me. It's not just about sharing contact details anymore; it's about providing a full picture of who I am professionally. Clients have been genuinely impressed, and it's sparked some great conversations." Hollie Hodgson, Marketing Executive

Looking ahead, Acre envisions leveraging the social profile even further, exploring ways to integrate more dynamic content and further streamline their networking approach.


For Acre, V1CE's social profile has not just been a networking feature but a transformative tool that aligns with their commitment to efficiency and innovation. By providing a comprehensive view of their consultants' professional journey and Acre's offerings, the social profile has set a new standard in networking. As Acre continues to lead in sustainable business practices, V1CE's social profile stands as a testament to the future of networking - comprehensive, dynamic, and efficient.

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