How London Cask Co. Use V1CE's Interactive Features To Engage Their Clients

How London Cask Co. Use V1CE's Interactive Features To Engage Their Clients

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In the world of fine spirits, London Cask Co has established itself as a connoisseur's delight. Yet, even in an industry steeped in tradition, the need for modern, efficient networking tools is paramount. Dari-Anna Kuseva, the Head of Accounts at London Cask Co., shares her transformative journey with V1CE.

The Old Brew: Challenges with Traditional Networking

Before V1CE, London Cask Co primarily relied on events and online brochures for networking. However, the absence of business cards often led to perceptions of a lack of professionalism. Moreover, the recurring costs of printing physical cards weighed on the company's resources.

Discovering V1CE: A Refreshing Change

Introduced to V1CE through word of mouth and further validated by their online presence, London Cask Co saw an opportunity to redefine their networking approach. The allure of cost-effective, high-quality electronic cards that stood out in the market was irresistible.

Engaging Clients Like Never Before

This interactive feature transformed networking from a mere exchange of details to an engaging conversation starter. The result? Enhanced interest, increased engagement, and a perception of London Cask Co as a forward-thinking, detail-oriented business.

The magic lies in V1CE's unique NFC technology. With a simple tap against a smartphone, the card instantly shares London Cask Co's details. But it's more than just a digital business card. The card serves as a gateway to the company's world. From detailed product listings in their online brochures to exclusive event invitations, clients get immediate access to a plethora of information.

Moreover, the multi-profile feature ensures that the right information reaches the right person. Whether it's a potential investor, a long-time client, or a new enthusiast looking to explore the world of fine spirits, each interaction is tailored, making the connection even more personal and relevant.

Another standout feature is the automatic follow-up message. Post-interaction, clients receive a personalized message, reinforcing the connection made during the initial meeting. This not only keeps London Cask Co at the forefront of their minds but also provides an opportunity for immediate feedback or queries, fostering a two-way communication channel.

In essence, V1CE's interactive features have turned the traditional business card handover into an immersive experience. It's not just about sharing contact details; it's about initiating a relationship, sparking curiosity, and laying the foundation for fruitful collaborations. For London Cask Co, this has meant deeper connections, memorable interactions, and a distinct edge in a competitive market.


Dari-Anna's testimonial encapsulates the company's V1CE experience:

"Word of mouth was the way in which we found out about V1CE... The website is especially useful with all the manuals provided, including videos on how to get the cards set up." Dari-Anna, Head Of Accounts.

In the realm of business networking, V1CE has proven to be the perfect blend of tradition and innovation for London Cask Co., ensuring that every interaction leaves a lasting impression.

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