Oak Group's Modern Connection: V1CE's Quick Link & Mobile Wallet QR

Oak Group's Modern Connection: V1CE's Quick Link & Mobile Wallet QR

How Oak Group’s Effective Use of V1CE's Quick Link and Mobile Wallet QR Code Has Produced An Interactive, Dynamic, And Modern Way To Connect


Oak Group: A Pioneer with a Twist

Oak Group, a company known for its dedication to purpose-driven operations and sustainability, has always been a frontrunner in trust and fund administration services. But what truly makes them stand out is their knack for thinking ahead, especially when it comes to networking.


A Perfect Match: Oak Group Meets V1CE

When Oak Group stumbled upon V1CE, they found a partner that perfectly aligned with their business ethos and objectives. V1CE's sustainability, adaptability, complete customization, and digital prowess were irresistible. Oak Group started using V1CE as a cool networking tool for all their managers. Each user got a profile they could tweak with a little help from the Marketing department. This move not only showcased their commitment to the environment but also gave their professional networking a fresh, interactive, and modern twist.

Beyond the Norm: Oak Group's Innovative Use of V1CE

What truly distinguishes Oak Group's use of V1CE is their innovative approach to utilising its digital capabilities beyond traditional business events and corporate gatherings. They recognized the vast potential of V1CE's technology, and have ingeniously incorporated it into their newsletter sign-up process by integrating a quick link. 

This key move not only simplifies the sign-up procedure but also solves a key problem many businesses face – the barrier to subscribers. With a complex or lengthy sign-up process, potential subscribers may be discouraged, resulting in missed opportunities for engagement. By embedding a quick link into their V1CE profile, Oak Group has made their newsletter accessible with just a tap, dramatically improving the user experience and effectively boosting their audience reach. Moreover, This also helped them track metrics more efficiently, giving them a better understanding of user behaviour and helping them fine-tune their content and marketing strategies.

The Power of the Mobile Wallet and QR Code

Oak Group also utilized the V1CE app by incorporating the digital card into their mobile "wallets" and implementing the QR code feature. This strategic move provided a swift and intuitive method for sharing professional information, reinforcing Oak Group's dedication to embracing advanced technology. In doing so, they effectively addressed several common networking challenges. Firstly, the issue of carrying and keeping track of physical business cards is eliminated, making the sharing of contact information hassle-free and environmentally friendly. Secondly, the immediate accessibility of their digital card via the mobile wallet ensures their readiness for any networking opportunity, eliminating missed connections due to a lack of preparedness.

Embracing the Digital World

Initially, the team was skeptical about the move into the digital world of Networking, however, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from their team and clients quickly overcame any initial concerns.

“Many commended the impressive technology, slick design, and how streamlined the technology made the contact-adding process.” - Abbi Syvret, Digital Marketing Executive.

John Doublard, CTO, attests to the positive impact of V1CE: "Since we started using our new V1CE business cards we have had brilliant feedback from our users and clients alike. Demonstrating our sustainability credentials to a wider audience was a key factor in the selection of the V1CE. We're all very happy with the product, service, and overall experience with V1CE."

V1CE: A Networking tool

Oak Group’s creative use of V1CE's features shows the product's versatility. From networking at corporate events to facilitating newsletter sign-ups, Oak Group proves that V1CE is more than just a digital business card - it's a tool for enhancing connectivity and promoting sustainability.

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