The Secret Behind Tim Hortons Middle East's Consistent Branding

The Secret Behind Tim Hortons Middle East's Consistent Branding

Today, we're diving into how V1CE transformed Tim Horton Middle East’s networking experience. In the bustling world of quick-service restaurants, few names resonate as loudly as Tim Hortons. With over 280+ stores spread across 6 countries, they serve millions of coffee aficionados daily. As a household name, they've always been at the forefront of innovation, not just in their menu, but also in their business operations. 


The Challenge: Traditional Business Cards

Faisal, the Head of IT at Tim Hortons Middle East, highlighted a challenge that many professionals face: the constant need to have business cards on hand. While these cards have been a staple in the professional world for decades, their physical nature can sometimes be limiting. Furthermore having to consistently order new cards and have to capture their brand image every time became tiresome. 


Discovering V1CE: A Game-Changing Solution

Enter V1CE. When Tim Hortons Middle East began exploring V1CE's offerings, there were initial reservations. How would this new technology fit into their established networking routine? Would it be user-friendly? Faisal recalls, "Initially when we started exploring their product offering, we had a concern as to how the whole experience will pan out."

However, any doubts were swiftly put to rest. "All our queries were answered when we received our first V1CE cards," Faisal shares with palpable excitement. "We were just amazed at how this technology has transformed the whole networking experience altogether."

Tim Hortons Custom V1CE Card 

Branding The Future

V1CE's collaboration with Tim Hortons Middle East wasn't just about introducing a new technology; it was about crafting a solution that resonated with the brand's identity. Recognizing the importance of brand consistency, V1CE meticulously designed the cards to align with Tim Hortons' specific brand colors and imagery. This ensured that while the medium of networking was modernized, the essence of the brand remained intact. They also took their commitment to sustainability a step further by opting for V1CE's eco-friendly bamboo cards.

Tim Hortons Middle East's custom V1CE Cards


Leveraging the V1CE Profile

The real icing on the cake (or the cream on the coffee) For Tim Hortons Middle East wasn't merely about embracing a new technology, but ensuring that the brand's identity was consistently and accurately reflected across every staff member's profile. V1CE provided a solution that went beyond mere digital networking. 

With the capability to manage and simultaneously update profiles for all staff members within a unified CRM, Faisal was empowered to maintain a consistent brand image across the board. Furthermore, the real-time updating feature ensured that every piece of information shared was current and relevant. This meant that whether it was a change in menu, a new store location, or a promotional event, staff could instantly share the most up-to-date information.

This holistic approach ensured that every V1CE card issued became an extension of the Tim Hortons brand. As a result, no matter where or how a connection was made, the brand's essence remained intact, guaranteeing that Tim Hortons Middle East always left an indelible and positive first impression.

Tim Hortons V1CE Card and Profile


Conclusion: Elevating the Networking Game

Faisal's endorsement is a testament to V1CE's transformative impact. "Thank you, V1CE, for helping us out in taking our networking game to the next level," he says. For businesses looking to modernize their networking strategy, V1CE offers a compelling, eco-friendly solution.

To all the business professionals out there, Faisal has a message:

"I highly recommend everyone to connect with [V1CE] and let them be part of your digital-first strategy for networking." - Faisal Pakar, Head Of IT.

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, it's heartening to see such mammoth brands like Tim Hortons adopt a new and forward way of thinking in their business operations and we thank them for choosing V1CE.

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