V1CE Design Guidelines

Before jumping into designing everything yourself, remember that V1CE have their own in-house design team who can help you with this, all for free. All you have to do is send us your logo or design and we'll get the rest done for you. A proof will be sent to you for your approval before we go ahead with production.

Pre-designing your cards before uploading to V1CE requires comfort with graphic design applications. Some technical knowledge is required to use our templates and to save your work in the best format for printing. But if you're a design professional then you've got this covered.

Download a template







Helpful tips


Our cards can be printed edge to edge and are 54mm x 86mm. Please don't include trim marks.

File format

We accept the following file types up to 50mb in size.


We can only print in CMYK, so no spot colors. Only V1CE Bamboo and Original Cards can be printed in CMYK.

Minimum sizes

Thicker lines print better, we recommend a minimum line weight of 0.5pt and a minimum font size of 8pt.

  1. Make sure you've accounted for a 2mm bleed in your design; this is where your background extends beyond the edge of the card edge.
  2. Where possible designs featuring graphics or text should be submitted as vector-based PDFs. To keep your text in vector format, we recommend applications like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Please note, saving text in JPEG format could result in 'fuzzy' edges.
  3. When your design features a mix of photography and text, make sure your photographs are 300 dpi, and that your final design is saved as a PDF.


V1CE do not offer customized backs at this moment in time. We only offer customized fronts.

The backs hold a QR code that is used as a working method to link your card to your account, or as a way to share your details to a device that does not have NFC capabilities.

The metal cards are made using a laser etching process rather than a traditional printing process and therefore can only be two tone. The base color and the artwork color. You can see the two colors on the metal cards color selector.

No you do not need to prepare your designs before you make your order, although it will of course speed up the process if they're ready to print.
Once you've made your purchase we will patiently wait until you're ready to send over your artwork. If you have any further questions relating to artwork then you can reach out to our customer services team.