Our adventure began right in 2020 and we all know what happened there right?. It was during this unprecedented time that the world took a moment to reflect on what truly mattered, and that's when our project was born, driven by a desire to create a positive impact not just for our kids, but for future generations.

We had always been passionate about technology and business and, at the time, were looking for ways to combine the two. That's when it clicked: we'd start a business focused on improving NFC technology. As young entrepreneurs, we knew NFC was the future and believed this innovative tech could change the way people network and connect. Starting a business during a pandemic wasn't part of our plan, but we embraced the challenge. We crafted a cutting-edge code that harnessed the power of NFC's core features, perfect for seamless networking, sales, and information management.

With the world on pause, we faced months of closed businesses and difficult times. The only silver lining was the quality time spent with our families, enjoying simple things like FaceTime calls. That made us realise we wanted a project that made a difference. We asked ourselves what kind of project could create a brand our kids could be proud of for years to come. With the world going digital, V1CE was born.

Even with the pandemic's challenges, we were determined to make our business work. We pooled all our money (quite literally) and were determined to make this project a success, it had to. Our first collaboration was with Ecologi, ensuring a commitment to a sustainable future from the very first order. Friends helped pack orders, our partners managed customer service, and we had a single graphic designer. Our dedication paid off, and we became the first company in Europe to sell customisable NFC-backed products. Three years later, we ship to over 150 countries and have offices in the US and Dubai. We've even partnered with some huge brands like SpaceX, which brings us a little closer to Elon Musk.

As the business grew, so did our passion for making a difference. We never lost sight of our values, which were integral to our company's success. We promote sustainability, innovation, and customer-centricity and always act with integrity and collaboration. We believe in fostering a community of informed customers who understand the value of our products and services. We take an educational approach to our business, offering resources and information that help our customers make informed purchase decisions. By empowering our customers with knowledge, we can build a stronger community that is committed to innovation, sustainability, and growth. Our approach is not just about selling products but about creating a meaningful connection with our customers and becoming a trusted partner in their success. We strive to create an open and inclusive environment that encourages dialogue, feedback, and collaboration. By working together, we can create a better future for ourselves and future generations.

Our story is not just about starting a business but about turning adversity into opportunity, and using our skills and passion for creating something meaningful and impactful.