How Air Canada Uses V1CE's Exchange Contact Feature To Gain More Leads

How Air Canada Uses V1CE's Exchange Contact Feature To Gain More Leads

Air Canada Vacations, a renowned subsidiary of Air Canada, has been at the forefront of offering travelers unforgettable holiday experiences. With a vast network that spans the globe, they curate all-inclusive packages that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. As a major player in the travel industry, they've facilitated countless journeys, ensuring that every traveler's dream vacation becomes a reality. However, even giants face challenges, and for Air Canada Vacations, it was the age-old issue of traditional business cards.



The Challenge: The Limitations of Traditional Business Cards

Julia Lucarelli, Facilities Manager at Air Canada Vacations, highlighted the pitfalls of their previous networking method: regular printed business cards. Not only were these cards environmentally unfriendly, contributing to paper waste, but they also had a tendency to get lost. In an industry where connections are paramount, this was a significant concern. The desire for a modern, efficient, and eco-friendly solution was evident.

Discovering V1CE: A Modern Solution

Introduced to V1CE through word of mouth, Air Canada Vacations saw an opportunity to revolutionize their networking approach. Drawn by V1CE's user-friendly website, dedicated staff, and the allure of modern designs, the decision to transition was clear.

The V1CE Advantage for Air Canada Vacations

In the dynamic realm of travel and tourism, every interaction counts. For Air Canada Vacations, the challenge was ensuring that each connection was both memorable and actionable. Traditional business cards, while functional, often ended up misplaced or forgotten, leading to missed opportunities.

The transient nature of interactions in the travel industry meant that business cards were easily lost or overlooked. This resulted in potential leads slipping through the cracks, and the inability to follow up effectively compounded the issue.

V1CE's NFC business cards introduced two groundbreaking features that addressed these challenges head-on:

  • Exchange Contact Feature: This innovative feature transformed the one-way act of giving a business card into a two-way exchange of information. With V1CE, Air Canada Vacations' sales team could not only share their details but also instantly receive information from potential leads. This ensured a mutual exchange, solidifying the connection and ensuring that no potential lead was lost. In an industry where every lead can translate to significant business, this feature was a game-changer.
  • Automatic Follow-up Message: The initial exchange of contact details was just the beginning. V1CE's automatic message feature allowed Air Canada Vacations to send a personalized email or WhatsApp message post-interaction. This served a dual purpose: it reinforced the connection made during the initial meeting and kept Air Canada Vacations at the forefront of the lead's mind. Whether it was a thank-you note, a special promotion, or a reminder about their services, this feature ensured that the momentum of the initial meeting was maintained.

In essence, V1CE provided Air Canada Vacations with more than just a digital business card. It offered a holistic networking solution that ensured every interaction was maximized for potential business growth. The combination of the exchange contact feature and the automatic follow-up message positioned Air Canada Vacations to capitalize on every opportunity, turning fleeting interactions into lasting business relationships.

Looking Ahead: A Paperless Future

While the feedback loop is still in its early stages, the vision for Air Canada Vacations is clear: transition the entire staff to V1CE business cards. This move not only aligns with their modernization goals but also underscores their commitment to sustainability.


Julia's testimonial encapsulates the enthusiasm and optimism surrounding this transition:

"V1CE has amazing, friendly, and efficient employees who guided me through the entire process... Our staff and team are very excited about having these new business cards and can't wait to show them off while we make sales!" - Julia Lucarelli, Facilities Manager

In the realm of business networking, V1CE stands out as a beacon of innovation, offering solutions that are not only efficient but also environmentally conscious. For businesses like Air Canada Vacations, this means more connections, fewer lost opportunities, and a step closer to a sustainable future.

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