Do You Need an App for a Digital Business Card?

Do You Need an App for a Digital Business Card?

In the age of digital transformation, the way we network and share our professional details has evolved. Gone are the days when we relied solely on paper business cards. Enter the era of digital business cards. But with this shift, a pressing question emerges: Do you need an app for a digital business card?

Why do you need an app?

Whilst you do not have to use an app, you will need to choose between our app or browser dashboard so that you can manage your V1CE profiles. The V1CE dashbard gives you the ability to manage a single card or a whole networking teams cards as outlined by Dillards

You can also view your teams analytics from the same dashboard to help you ensure you and your team are getting the most out of your networking. From here you can also manage what you want to share, from a simple contact card right up to your full networking world including social media, multimedia, product catalogue, promotional documents, whilst also being able to use a leads form to gather leads that are safely stored in your V1CE CRM.

Do people need an App to receive my Information?

Absolutely not! Your clients will never need any sort of App to receive the information you are sharing. All that is required is NFC technology, this has been available on all models of phonessince 2017, and just incase you meet a dinosaur with a Nokia 3310, we add a QR code to our cards. Even better for some, you can download your V1CE QR directly to your phones mobile wallett to guarantee you never miss a lead.

The Freedom of No-App Management

1. Web-Based Updates:

With V1CE, managing your digital business card is as simple as accessing a web portal. This means you can update your details, change your design, or add new links from any device, anywhere, without needing a dedicated app.

2. No Software Maintenance:

Apps require updates, take up storage, and can sometimes crash. By not relying on an app to manage your card, you sidestep these potential pitfalls, ensuring a smoother experience.

3. Universal Compatibility:

Whether you're on a PC, a Mac, a tablet, or a smartphone, you can access and manage your V1CE card. There's no need to worry about app compatibility across different devices or operating systems.

But V1CE Offers an App Too, Right?

Absolutely. While the V1CE app for card management isn't necessary, there is an app available for those who desire it. Here's why:

1. Instant Notifications and Alerts:

For those who like to stay immediately informed, the V1CE app can provide real-time notifications. Whether it's someone accessing your card, a reminder to update outdated information, or any other card-related activity, having the app ensures you're always in the loop without having to log into a web portal.

2. Convenience for On-the-Go Professionals:

If you're always on the move and prefer the tactile experience of an app, V1CE ensures you're not left out. 

3. Choice is King:

V1CE understands that every professional is unique. Some prefer the simplicity of web-based management, while others lean towards app-based experiences. V1CE offers both, ensuring every user's preference is catered to.


Owning a digital business card should be about convenience, flexibility, and modernity. Wether you choose to manage your cards from the V1CE app or from our browser dashboard you can be sound in the knowledge that you can always log in and choose how you share whatever the situation.

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