How Adaptix Streamlined Their Networking With V1CE's Bulk Editing Features

How Adaptix Streamlined Their Networking With V1CE's Bulk Editing Features

In the age of technology, the shift to sustainable and effective networking practices is gaining momentum. Adaptix, a company spearheading transformation in Radiology out of the Centre for Innovation & Enterprise, Oxford University, has recognized this and chosen V1CE, a trailblazer in digitised networking, as their partner in progress. Today, we delve into this inspiring partnership through the eyes of Carla Taylor, Group Marketing Manager at Adaptix.

In the realm of modern business, the need for adaptability and efficiency is paramount. Adaptix, a pioneering force in Radiology from the Centre for Innovation & Enterprise at Oxford University, has always been ahead of the curve. Their recent collaboration with V1CE showcases their commitment to innovative networking solutions. This partnership's focal point is the utilization of V1CE's bulk edit features, allowing Adaptix to dynamically update cards as different staff members use them at varying times. Let's delve deeper into how this feature has become a game-changer for Adaptix.

The Dynamic Power of Bulk Editing

Adaptix's journey with V1CE began with a vision to overcome the challenges associated with traditional paper business cards. Carla Taylor, Group Marketing Manager at Adaptix, recalls the inefficiencies of paper cards, often relegated to being mere bookmarks or, even worse, discarded entirely. With V1CE, not only did Adaptix find a sustainable alternative, but they also discovered the transformative power of bulk editing.

The bulk edit feature allows Adaptix to maintain a central stock of V1CE cards that can be dynamically updated based on who's using them. This is especially beneficial during events or conferences where different team members represent the company. Instead of printing individual cards for each member, a single card can be updated with the relevant details, ensuring that the right information is always presented.

This approach offers several advantages:

  • Flexibility: Adaptix can easily switch between profiles, ensuring that the card always reflects the current user, be it a member of the C Suite, the Sales team, or any other employee attending customer-facing events.
  • Cost-Efficiency: By eliminating the need to print separate cards for each team member, Adaptix reduces costs and minimizes waste, aligning with their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policy.
  • Consistency: With the ability to manage cards from a central source, Adaptix ensures that their branding and messaging remain consistent, regardless of who's using the card.
  • Rapid Updates: Any changes, be it a new job title, contact detail, or any other update, can be made instantly, ensuring that the card's information is always current.

Carla's enthusiasm for V1CE's features is evident.
"My favorite feature is the full profiles on the cards and the speed of updating the team's contact details," she shares. The bulk edit feature, combined with the eco-friendly bamboo design of the cards, has made V1CE an indispensable tool for Adaptix. - Carla Taylor, Marketing Executive.



Adaptix's collaboration with V1CE is a testament to their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. By harnessing the power of bulk editing, they've streamlined their networking strategy, ensuring that they always present a consistent, up-to-date, and professional image. Just as they're transforming the world of Radiology, Adaptix is setting new standards in the realm of digital networking.

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