How HSS Break The Ice With V1CE To Create Meaningful Connections

How HSS Break The Ice With V1CE To Create Meaningful Connections

HSS Pro Service, a key player in the tool hire industry, boasts a network of over three hundred outlets, employs over 2,900 workers, and has a fleet of over eight hundred vehicles. As a company with an extensive reach and customer base, its networking strategies needed to be top-notch.

In the competitive landscape of the tool hire industry, HSS Pro Service stands out with its expansive network, dedicated workforce, and commitment to innovation. As a company that values meaningful connections and customer engagement, HSS Pro Service recognized the need to elevate their networking strategies. Enter V1CE, the NFC tool that's redefining the traditional business card, offering a fresh, sustainable, and interactive solution.

V1CE: More Than Just a Business Card

The sleek design and functionality of V1CE's NFC cards immediately struck a chord with the HSS Pro Service team. But beyond the aesthetics and the technology, these cards brought something unexpected to the table: they became conversation starters. In customer meetings, the novelty and interactivity of the V1CE card often served as an ice-breaker, setting a relaxed and engaging tone for the discussions that followed.

HSS Pro Service emphasizes the transformative impact of V1CE on their customer interactions, noting,


"I love V1CE cards; they make my job so much easier, plus it’s a talking point which then relaxes the meeting feeling." - Michael Lewin, Key Account Manager

This seamless exchange not only ensures that HSS Pro Service's details are always accessible but also fosters a deeper connection with their clients.

V1CE cards serve as a great ice-breaker because they introduce a novel and interactive element to the traditional exchange of contact details. Instead of the passive handover of a paper card, the V1CE card invites curiosity and engagement. The simple act of tapping the card to access information becomes a shared experience, sparking conversations about technology, sustainability, and innovation. This initial interaction sets a positive and memorable tone, facilitating deeper and more meaningful discussions and connections.

A Game-Changer for HSS Pro Service

The benefits of V1CE for HSS Pro Service extend beyond just customer engagement. The flexibility of the cards, allowing for easy updates and changes, means that the company can always present the most current and relevant information. As Michael points out, "You can change names, details as much as you like," highlighting the dynamic nature of V1CE.

The team's reaction to V1CE has been overwhelmingly positive. The technology not only impressed customers but also became a focal point of discussions, easing the atmosphere and facilitating more meaningful conversations. 


HSS Pro Service's journey with V1CE is a testament to the power of innovation in reshaping business interactions. By embracing V1CE, HSS Pro Service has not only enhanced their networking strategy but has also created memorable experiences for their clients. Their story serves as an inspiration for businesses ready to embrace the future of networking, one where connections are not just made but are also cherished.


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