How to Stand Out in Digital Networking: Top 5 Hacks Revealed

How to Stand Out in Digital Networking: Top 5 Hacks Revealed

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Ever felt like you're not maximizing your networking potential? Or perhaps you've got VICE, but you're not quite sure you're using it to its fullest? Well, Korhys is here to save the day with her top 5 tips to supercharge your VICE experience. Let's dive in!


  1. The Power of Exchange:

Don't just share, exchange! With V1CE's exchange feature, you're not only dishing out your details but grabbing theirs too. Instantly saved to your phone, it's perfect for those auto follow-ups and keeping that lead generation machine humming. 

  1. Be Everywhere:

Got an Insta? LinkedIn? or even your email footer? Get that V1CE link right there. Guide your audience, clients, and potential partners straight to where you want them. It's like leaving breadcrumbs to your business brilliance.

  1. FAQs - Your Time-Saving Hero:

"Hey, how do I pay?" "What's the next step?" Sound familiar? Pop those FAQs right onto your profile. Not only does it save you from the post-meeting Q&A session, but it also frees up your time to network even more. Win-win!


  1. Always Be Prepared:

Ever been caught off-guard without a business card? With V1CE's dynamic QR code in your phones digital wallet, you're always ready for action. 

  1. AI Magic:

Lost leads are a thing of the past with V1CE's AI business card scanner. With a quick scan you can allow our AI to take all the details from the paper business card securely stored in your CRM and simply hand the paper back, reducing waste.


So, there you have it! Korhys' top tips to ensure you're not just using V1CE but absolutely rocking it. Ready to elevate your networking game? Dive into V1CE and let these tips guide your way!


Happy networking,


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