How to use a Digital Business Card

How to use a Digital Business Card

Ever caught yourself drowning in a sea of paper cards, trying to remember who gave you which one? Well, the future has arrived, and it's sleek, digital, and oh-so-convenient. Let's dive into the real-life stories of V1CE digital business cards.


Barba Men's Salon: The Modern Barber's Secret Weapon

Gone are the days of cluttered counters and lost appointment cards. Barb's Men's Salon is leading the charge with V1CE. They're not just cutting hair; they're cutting out paper wastage! Payments? Check Appointments? Check. Social media redirects? Double-check. It's all digital, baby!

 Barba's Digital Profile 


The Ivy: More Than Just Cocktails

Imagine walking into an upscale bar and being greeted with more than just a menu. The Ivy is serving up a digital experience that's as refreshing as their cocktails. Videos of their signature drinks, interactive menus, and even a section for those pesky allergy questions. And the cherry on top? They're collecting digital gold (aka customer info) without the paper trail.

The Ivy's Digital Business Card. 

SpaceX: Shooting for the Stars... Digitally!

Hold onto your rocket boosters because even SpaceX is on the V1CE train! They're not just launching rockets; they're launching a new era of networking. Need to edit info on the fly? Done. Want to transfer ownership of a card? Easy peasy. With V1CE, they're networking at the speed of light.

Space X custom V1CE Cards


So, whether you're giving a fresh trim or launching rockets, there's a digital solution waiting for you. 

The question isn't if you should join V1CE, but how you'll use it to elevate your business.

Ready to join the revolution? Drop a comment below and let's chat about how V1CE can transform your business!

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